01 September 2011

A Man of His Era

10:30 yesterday in the small openness of the Source Gym, from seemingly nowhere in particular, came Dr. Thunder. White sandals, his casual pale polo, and broadly patterned plaid shorts suggesting a changed man. New shades sweeping back longer locks of hair, seen only in his more distant past, suggested a confidence.
We talked of the times, our era, and continued on to the future. The place where dreams go, building foundations for our distant plans. Loosely speaking, and in some moments more serious, we set forth a fantastic agenda. Something of boyhood fantasy, of heroes, but only obtainable by full grown men. A resolute task set forth. To boulder as far as our bodies can endure, on the finest stone, until winter allows us no more.
Then, answering a question understood, yet never asked, Dr. Thunder simply said "I will winter in the Source Gym". Then he was gone.
Dr. Thunder sketching in the night

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