09 August 2010

Summer Heat

There are always a few weeks in the middle of summer where fighting through the "summer slows" is the crux. I always head for the high country during that time, either in northwest Wyoming or more recently in the northern Colorado/Wyoming border areas.Over the past few weeks I was able to escape to both regions and get some new problems put up. I traveled with Bryan Vansickle and my wife Marla to Lander and the Wind River Mountains and put up several new problems in two new areas there despite a good bit of rain. The Source, an area Dave Nash and I discovered for bouldering many years ago has been seeing a lot of traffic and new problems lately. It took almost 6 years, but people are finally getting out to the excellent granite there and finding/climbing really good problems. The major factor being the Lloyd family moving to Lander and having the motivation to boulder. I would highly recommend looking at David Lloyd's blog (linked on my blog) for up to date details and many more pictures of new problems at The Source. The areas that Bryan, Marla, and I visited for two days are hidden areas in The Source that I have kept as reserves. I had heard roomers that I had missed some classic problems in already developed areas in The Source. The Source portion of this post is a bit of friendly competition. Maybe there are some classic areas out there, not just a few fill in problems?
Bryan Vansickle on the second ascent of CMT at The Source, Wyoming. The approaching storm soaked us a few minutes after the shot was taken and we didn't get any more problems in this area.
Bryan Vansickle on Pale Green Straw V6, The Source, Wyoming.
Bryan Vansickle trying a sloper project after dark at The Source, Wyoming. Oh No, Slick Titty V2 is a good warm up that starts on the left of the picture and climbs a highball slab to finish.
We also made a two day trip from Lander to Dubois, Wyoming to visit some of the fantastic boulders I discovered there years ago. We spent both days around 10,000 feet at Pilot Knob and were very disappointed by poor temps. The boulder field heated into the 80's  and made for lethargic outings. Then, waiting for good evening temps we were rained out every day. It was too bad, as we were very motivated to put up some harder lines there. Maybe in the fall if it doesn't snow early.
Bryan Vansickle on a V5 I can't remember the name of, Pilot Knob, Wyoming.
Bryan singing songs in the rain after we were rained out again from evening boulders and good sending temps.
During some of the hotter or rainy days we drove back roads and looked for new rock. We looked for rock in the Laramie area hoping to find additional summer bouldering. I've known about several good summer bouldering areas on the Wyoming/Colorado border for a few years now, but have not given any directions or specifics because of previous chalk being found in some areas. Those areas are obviously secret and will be kept that way since they are not completely my finds. I only mention it here to encourage people to get out and find new rock. There is a lot of rock in the Rocky Mountain Region! Exploring for new rock is something I like to do as much as bouldering and it is equally rewarding. Some possible finds for the exploring boulderer:

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