05 August 2010

China Bouldering 3/3

This is the final post about bouldering in China. It will be pictures with few words. I hope that the three post regarding the bouldering around Qingdao, China were enough to spark some interest out there for people to get out of their comfort zones and experience the world. That being said, bouldering is one of the finest reasons for doing so. China is a place of maximum potential and climbing there is a new born baby. The bouldering is brand new. Not just the boulder problems, but the entire idea is new. It is and was a fantastic and rare experience.
The locals in Qingdao are very happy to have new climbers visit. If you are interested in travel to Qingdao for the climbing please don't hesitate to ask about details, contacts, and additional info. I am happy to put you in contact with the locals and they would be happy to have you. Keep in mind that the Chinese climbers I spent five weeks with are not just climbers, but good friends.
The Boulder Fields of Laoshan 
A closer look at the rock. Some was featured, some was not.
Despite Millions of Boulders there are other things in China to see.


  1. So as cool as these pictures are, and as unimaginably as I am of your trip, I've got a few questions for those of us non jet-setting international traveling types. There are a few problems in Vedauwoo I've heard a little about but have never seen, or been given a location.
    100% Beef
    Hot Itch
    El Cid
    The Hun
    Sexy Time
    There are more, but that's the bulk of them. Respond promptly.

  2. Many of those listed are in Curt Gowdy for which I will make a topo to post online. The three or four remaining will be listed on a Vedauwoo Road special coming asap. America is Little America at Camp Jack rocks from the far left start on the problem left of Little America. Link those two and you have America.

  3. Sounds like an awesome trip. Just curious but did you do any climbing in the Xi'an area? I might be moving out there for a year and I don't think I'll survive if I can't climb for that long...

  4. Peter, sorry, i did not notice your comment till now. I did not look for rock there, but there must be some. let me know if you found any.