14 August 2010

An Evening At Vedauwoo

Last evening was the first of the season for me in terms of getting into the rhythm of fall. Working during the day while anticipating the few hours of evening for some bouldering is a new experience at this time of the year. It is a sudden transition from long summer days and bouldering all day, almost every day, to quick sessions on more local stone. For me, the local stone is Vedauwoo which I actually spend little time on these days. I save the sharp holds of the Sherman Granite for cool fall temps and a few winter sessions. I also try to do new problems, preferably in new areas when I climb at Vedauwoo.
Several years ago I found the boulders of last nights visit, but had not been back until a few days ago with Mike Molony. The boulders were of a good quality for Vedauwoo and we vowed to return soon. With Devlin and Ana Junker, Guili, Mike and myself we cleaned and climbed some new lines and tried what are now even more projects for Vedauwoo. The area is called The Jungle as it is very over grown with foliage along a drainage, more so than anywhere I've seen in the area. The rock is varied, as Vedauwoo rock always is, from very sharp junk to very clean, water washed features. It is the later that make the area worth while.
Devlin warming up on Welcome to The Jungle V4ish. Jungle Ball is the V1 that starts on the same low cobble his foot is on, but goes straight up.
Mike trying what would become Whatever Feels Natural V5ish. This problem despite being a very good looking feature turned out to be crumbly and sharp. It could clean up if you try it.
Guili on the FA of Whatever Feels Natural V5.
Guili trying what is now a project in The Jungle. This is one of several very nice, clean lines on water washed holds in The Jungle and is a good reason to warm up on choss. 
As my transition to the fall schedule continues I will post more pictures and info for this area. There are a few lines that are not pictured here, but hold my interest. It would be good to have a few harder problems completed before calling this a true area for Vedauwoo. All to often a problem or two claim to be an area and at Vedauwoo that can be stretch, especially considering rock quality. Stay tuned!


  1. Devlin did the slab, Guili got the 2nd. Probably 8 or9 points

  2. Whats the name? Nice work Devlin!