24 August 2010

The Project Project

A few days back, lounging in a granite grotto, Guili says to me "Why don't we start finishing some projects here, there must be a few to try?". He meant "here" as the greater Vedauwoo area and "a few", after making the list over a couple of days of brain storm, as at least 76 problems! I only listed problems that I have tried more than a couple of goes and think are high enough quality to try again. Without a doubt the list is as large as it is because of a lack of focus in the Vedauwoo area. Vedauwoo is good for hard bouldering when other, better quality rock areas are also good. We tend to go there, as in not Vedauwoo. I only finish a few hardish lines a year in Vedauwoo now, but the potential for far more is evident. For several years as I focused with a few others on other bouldering areas I just assumed that things would get done back at "the voo". I even looked forward to trying things that had a name and number, maybe even clean holds. Well hope was only hope and we'll have to do it ourselves now.
So, as Guili suggested we should go out and finish some projects. This is the birth of The Project Project. To climb as many undone project in the greater Vedauwoo area as possible before hell breaks loose in a freezing gale. All are invited! You will need only a brush, motivation, and some time. Here are a few pics of the possibilities, oh the possibilities! Stay tuned for updates on The Project Project.

The Poison Project
The 40 Project
The Weeping Wall Project
The 1st Wall Project


  1. Great post, good luck on the missions!

  2. I live in Fort Collins. I would love to lend a brush and a spot.

    Hit me up - bspiering_at_gmail.com