09 April 2013

Source Holds for Everyone

It was several years ago now when an idea was born to make holds and use them in my own gym. In 2006 the first shapes were molded and poured as Source Holds. Shortly after Source Holds were born, a small space in the Wagner Building of Laramie, Wyoming was converted into a training gym. The Source Gym became home to Source Holds and we've never looked back. Many people have contributed to the dream and kept it alive over the years. I can't thank them enough for teaching me the foundations of hold shaping and production, the help in building our gym, and the encouragement to bring Source Holds into the world, another step farther than before. In August of the past year, a Wyoming connection to the great hold producing center of Salt Lake City (think Pusher/Revolution) asked if I would expand my shapes to be part of their line up and growing company. I accepted, and even with some faltering and school related complexities the molds made it westward down I-80 to Salt Lake City.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I can announce Source Holds are now available from Habit Climbing. What was born out of necessity, to have good and simple shapes for a long winter inside, is now available for all of you to add to your woodies and gyms! Check out the current lineup at Habit Climbing!
The shapes available now are the originals from my first sets. The classic and best selling Source Crimps, the Baggots, Sundance, and Bear Blocks are all there, and all inspired by Wyoming. They are here, because people have requested them. They are here because of you. So, thanks all and enjoy. More shapes will be coming every few months. We already have many shaped, just waiting to be molded, and soon to be a factor in your growing motivation.

So, it is obviously time to show some images from the early days, the days of inspiration and folly. The days when we built the gym, housed our new holds, and climbed on our own shapes. The days when we learned what works as a hold and what does not. Those days produced a golden era in Wyoming climbing and bouldering. One that continues on with each influx of climbers, all pulling on Source Holds.
The very first full set of Source Holds ever poured!
The 50 being constructed and before it could even be completed Mr. Helke and Liz were adding holds. Joe built the footer of the wall and the foundation of endless days on that 50. So many dreams have come to be reality with Source Crimps on that 50 and so many climbers have grown strong!
One of the first laps ever taken on the Source 50. From the beginning our own holds held their own with shapes from other places. Source holds inspire every wall set we do and every training routine at the Source.
The gym inspired holds and holds inspired the gym. Motivation from each has fed each. I am always shaping new holds after long training sessions or days outside fed by training sessions. Source Holds have been considered as a form follows function hold. They aren't made to be showy, rather to be simple and effective in getting you stronger. I originally made them to give Wyoming boulderers the upper hand in strength and power. They have worked so well requests have come from all over to share the grips. After all, when you get stronger I must get stronger too. We can motivate each other and progress this great sport.
Source Shapes ready to be molded and poured, and climbed on like crazy.


  1. Finally! Super pumped that your shapes are getting pimped.

  2. We got some here at the Front in SLC! I about lost my panties when I sat down and saw a beautiful Source hold staring me in the face.