13 May 2012

Three Days of Bouldering

Over the past ~2 weeks a few days were devoted to developing new problems in Neverland. All were in the newish sector that started as "The Grove", but has now spread into several groves and ridges of rock. All known as the new sector, but will eventually get individual names for specific areas once understood. As a result of intense focus this spring season, it is the most developed area of Neverland. Somewhere between 50 and 60 problems in total! Too much to write about results in the following photo essay of the The Grove Boulders.

Memory of Ankylosaur V8

A beautiful boulder with two lines so far.
Tree Bender V2/3 out the right side and Down Town Stickworm Town V7 out the left side.
 A beauty of a project comes straight out the big prow. 

Down Town Stickworm Town V7

Opening moves of Moon Dust V9.
A twenty foot journey of slopers out the depths of Ankylosaur Cave.

This is my Sasquatch photo. A mythical beast is rarely caught in the open.


  1. Well, damnit. I just crapped my pants. This looks incredible.

  2. Awesome! Nick and I scouted around way up high on the ridge and it mostly becomes like 40-60' walls that are still really good. Did find one really steep line I think you'll be interested in.

  3. 40-60' walls eh? Speaking my language there finally haha looks great though Davin! We need to get together and go out some time man.