15 May 2011

Getting Busy

Spring has been busy so far. Busy with work, busy with play, and busy getting everything ready for a trip to Finland in a few weeks. I'll get to the Finland stuff later and for now give a few pictures from the past while.
Bryan Vansickle (aka Dr. Thunder) has been in town for the week on is seasonal pilgrimage to work in northern Wyoming. Trying to convince him to stay another week and finish some things up here is part of the motivation to post on the blog again. Last fall had us working on several harder problems in several areas in addition to finding several new areas we wanted to develop. When winter set in an unsatisfied feeling followed and the waiting game began. After waiting all winter to get back on things we finally have! Being a bit unfocused, we've only spent a day on each project, but progress from last season was made on each one! Now if Bryan will stay the week, we can actually finish some lines and satisfaction set in for the season.
Below are some random images from the past weeks.
Some random pile at Neverland
Dr. Thunder opening the road to another pile at Neverland
The Silicone Parts Project, Needle Peak, Wy
The New Cactus Project, Needle Peak, Wy. Bryan was very close to finishing this project and would be crazy to not stay the week to finish it! 
Dr. Thunder on the FA of Triangle Man in the Finger Paint cave of Neverland. Lots of good steep roof climbing here!
The Triple X roof has a 6 foot drift under it now, which kills the first two moves, but allowed us to try the top out and high crux with a great landing. Now is the time to get on this thing and finish it! 
With the deep snow behind the pads we were able to find good sequences through the roof. Now all that is left to do is the linkup. This will be a very hard line!


  1. Thanks for the post! The boulders look incredible, Bryan should stay a few weeks.

  2. Are those real petroglyph's? If so, aren't you worried about access issues due to posting pictures of someone climbing on an archaeological site? I'm just saying.

  3. 1. Choss, all of it.
    2. Sometime in July/August, be ready for some F.A.G. time at Neverland
    3. Love you
    4. That is all

  4. Try not to be so gay with my guy.

  5. The petroglyphs are total fakes, so no worries there. They were done in the past few years with barn paint. The petroglyphs in Torrey Valley in the Wind Rivers are real however (as an example to readers) and all sandstone in that valley is OFF for bouldering. Sadly people try to boulder on those glyphs in the Wind Rivers.

    As for the fakes in the pictures, Bryan Vansickle will post an interpretation on his blog. He interpreted a set of real glyphs a few months back on his blog.