14 April 2011

Blam! Source Gym Shirts!

Finally, after a real long time and many requests I got around to having some Source Gym t-shirts printed. Andrew and Josh at Bohemus Project did the printing. Bohemus is local to Laramie, Wy and have been printing very nice screens for years now, so I felt excited about getting them a drawing and seeing what they could do with it. We decided on red shirts since red is the fastest color. Keeping things in America we chose American Apparel 50/50 tees and the printing size, color, and layout was up to Andrew and Josh.
The design for the shirt is a drawing that I had done in honor of the source crimp sets that have given the gym a good portion of it's identity. The Bohemus guys noticed that I tend to play with the colors of the crimps to get custom blends each pour and they chose to do the same with the fill colors on the shirts. The result is a unique print on the back of each and every shirt. The resulting shirts are excellent and are done in a sort of "classic" style as some have mentioned. Trucker caps with the current design and some other, more complex drawings will be done when this limited printing gets sold out.
The gym is charging $18.oo for gym members and $22.oo for non-members per shirt. An email to davinbagdonas@gmail.com or a txt to me will get you one. Sizes s, m, l, and xl are available (we already sold out of xs) and the color variety is shown below.
If it stops snowing and blowing outside I might have something to actually write about in the near future. When trying to get going in the gym this past week, it was easy to feel the motivation already outside. Anxious to feel the speed of the new red shirt on the old projects of last fall.


  1. I wore mine the other day and instantly noticed much more attention from all the women in my vicinity. These shirts are hot chick tractor beams, I can't wait to get a trucker hat.

  2. it's 7:45 a.m. here, and i've already had 3 cups of coffee on an empty stomach. as if i wasn't twitchy and excitable enough as it is, you go and do this to me. thanks man, thanks a lot. save a large for me if ya don't mind. i'll pick it up when i come out to visit. i'd rather pay in person anyway, if ya catch my drift ;)

  3. Mike, you always know what to say. Your shirt is reserved if you tell me when you'll be here. A mike visit must be prepared for ahead of time.

    Jason, With tractors come hard work. Be careful with that beam and don't throw out your back.

  4. mike visits are best treated like a strap on, as a surprise....
    always be prepared.

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