08 September 2016

Bouldering Needle Peak Guide Book!

It is time to release the guide book Bouldering Needle Peak!

It has actually been done for over a month now, but I wanted to wait for the bouldering season to begin so the guide can be used immediately. Enjoy!

A paper copy will be available in the next week as the final formatting issue are dealt with. The link will be provided to purchase a paper copy via Print on Demand (POD) format from blurb.com. It is full color and looks much like the PDF version. The sale price is only for printing costs and the actual time it took for me to construct the book, no profit. Those are not my boulders, it is not in my interest to make money on them, but to share them as public lands are meant to be shared. The motivation is the bouldering!

The PDF version is free for download for use on your digital devises as long as the link exists here. It is large (95.3MB), so be prepared. It is formatted for use on a phone or tablet with ease. Sale of the PDF version is strictly prohibited and information contained within is copyrighted, so cannot be used in other guide books without permission.


New editions of the paper book will occur only after sufficient development at Needle Peak justifies the reader needing to spend more money. The PDF version will update more frequently, ideally after each bouldering season in the spring and fall.

Thank you all for your contributions to the guide and contributions to Needle Peak Bouldering!

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  1. Hi Davin
    Thanks for the guidebook and info...only found this page AfTeR wandering around today. Any history with Cock Rock?? Looks hilarious and I had to stand on top. Look forward to exploring the zone more. Seems like tons of stone in the general region.


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