21 November 2015

Snowy Range Update

It is cold outside! We already have more snow in the mountains than most of last winter. It has given me some time to rest and reflect on a great season, and some time to finally put together a few video clips which I have never done before in my climbing life!

Years of searching finally produced some good bouldering in the forests of the Snowy Range. Much of the summer I skipped work in the late afternoon or evening and hiked to find and develop the new stone. There was a usual silence I came to enjoy and ended up spending the vast majority of those summer evenings climbing alone. It became my mission to walk the entirety of the Snowy Range and see every last boulder I could find. Of course I didn't see all of them, but I did see what I needed to. Some good boulders in deep forest shade! I was also motivated to record the majority of FAs from the season. Even with the areas being kept in secret I have intended to reveal them in good time. Hopefully some of the video encourages to get out into the woods on the new rock.

Sure it may be selfish to go at it alone, to each new area, one after another and just keep climbing first ascents. But reality is, I have spent a huge amount of time looking, year after year, for anything worthwhile in the Snowy Range and so have many others in the past decades. A few areas I did share. Others I have enjoyed in solitude and probably will for a while longer. Not forever, some will go into the guide book in time for the spring season and next summer, but others may be silent for a longer period of time. It is continued proof that there are life times of rock in southeast Wyoming and other regions close by. Hopefully this motivates you to get out and boulder on both old and new rock!

Anyway, here are bunch of good problems, some easy,some hard.
Snowy Range Bouldering 2015

And one of the best FAs I've put up in a long while!
The Willwood

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