01 November 2012


As it is for many climbers, our lives are directed by our passions. In a world of bouldering I am always shaping my life around just that, bouldering. Often however, moments when I'm not bouldering or in search of bouldering are the ones that define my memories and experiences. After all, bouldering is a constant and in being that becomes such a dependable outlet and focus. I've thought of this lately as my time involved in bouldering has become a little less and my intermissions from bouldering have become more noticeable. With that in mind and only a few outdoor bouldering days since my last post (too many days in the gym already) I leave this series of pictures. The ones that stand out in my memory from the near past. I have two favorites, one is the first picture while the second is all the way at the bottom of this post.

The good news for those of you waiting for bouldering information, I'm going out this weekend, and will post on it next week.

Carved in 1884 by a Cavalry Soldier in Wyoming
A dam of cars built in 1942
High Park Fire from Vedauwoo

North Dakota
A hippy van got a flat tire in the absolute middle of nowhere, Great Basin, Wyoming. The obvious choice was to take copious amounts of drugs and watch the van blow up across the desert. There were no bodies, but after decades of exposure they were probably taken by coyotes. Or they managed to walk the 80 miles out to civilization.
Live from what turned out to be 80 miles in the center of nowhere
At the Derby

The evil sink hole found in open prairie.
30' to water, then 20' of water! How long can you tread water?
Above Bear Valley

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