04 September 2012

Bear Valley

Let me apologize ahead of time. This post is two and a half weeks over due. Graduate school is a busy time in my life, as was the couple of weeks of freedom before the semester began. I made the most of it on a bouldering expedition into the edge of the wild. The frontier that is home to Super Sectors of rock that dwarf most other boulder fields I've ever seen.
Marla, Bryan Vansickle, Amiee Dog, and Myself loaded two jeeps with as much as they could hold. We drove all day to the northern margins of Wyoming then onto horrendous roads for several more hours into the land of the Bear. We went to work finding the best out of several hundred thousand boulders in a place of complete and total wild. It was an amazing place to find ones self for a while. Grizzly Bear were abundant and kept a primitive edge to the days and nights. With little time to describe things, I will leave this as a photo essay for now.
Blew a tire on the really poor roads on the drive in. 

Fixed it with a Gorilla Tape plug pushed in with a tent stake. Will I ever forget my plug kit again? Hell No.
The first day's walk
First day bouldering
This is half of one multi mile sector, among dozens of various sized sectors. There are more climbable and too large to climb boulders in this sector alone to count. Like looking at the Milky Way.


  1. Wow!! Uh Uh Wow!!! What else can be said?

  2. Because I wasn't homesick enough.....
    Seriosly contemplating quitting life, moving back west, and living in a cave with a few of those grizzly bears.

  3. Also, is Brian peeing in the 9th picture?

  4. You would have your choice of bears to den up with, but also dens. We crossed paths with three bears on this trip. The huge mother bear with her brat kid rolling in the willows would be your best bet. She would love you long time. Bryan was getting ready to pray in the 9th pic, I think...

  5. Totally insane, those boulders are beautiful...its too bad I didn't have gorilla tape that one time in Neverland

  6. I want in on the next trip.... I am ssssooooooooooo Stoked for this area. I bet it feels good to know all your hunting has led your here, Davin.

  7. Dang Davin, I just feel so bad for you guys up there... so many projects backed up you must feel overwhelmed most of the time. I'm sure it's tough to have such a daunting list of ENTIRE VALLEYS to develop but hang in there.

    You know, up until this post I thought the Neverland blocks looked really good. Damn man.

    Hope to see you and the crew this fall -


  8. Davin-

    Don't let the man bring you down.


    Jason A.