20 March 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break

The great transition from winter to summer in the academic world. For many of the American spring breakers the story is the same. Students unwind with some booze and a pack of rubbers. Maybe a trip somewhere nice that is only nice if it isn't spring break there. Teachers maybe try the same, but nights are much sooner ended, say 8:30. In Wyoming spring break is a time of transitions too. A transition from plastic holds to the real ones that cut the fingers. From freezing winter snow to freezing spring snow. And most importantly, a trip to some boulder field, somewhere, where the days are warm and nights are damn cold.

This year the weather was amazing in our region of the state so I stayed local and just enjoyed the rock I had almost forgotten. This was a winter to remember, or to forget. It was snowy and the snow never melted. We still have it all over the place, but the sun is slowly winning. It was a rare treat to climb in a t-shirt on sun warmed stone. To get a sun burn, again, and to feel silence that can only be felt in the wild. The break began with snow and is ending with snow. The days between were such a reward for this winter.

Now, with some rock to climb, I will actually update this blog from time to time. New rock found last year is waiting patiently to be climbed. Old rock I needed pictures of is waiting too. I will post here as it comes to be. Until I get out this week here are some pictures from a few different spring breaks.
Often, I will climb localy for the break. Sweet Water Rocks, The Natural Corrals, and Saratoga Valley are all good this time of year. I've already shown a bit of the Saratoga Valley, so here's a few other places in Wyoming.
Myself on the FA of a V5 with no name, North Mountain, Sweet Water Rocks, Wyoming.

Myself at the El Paso Boulder, Sweet Water Rocks, Wyoming. The line I'm looking at has been done by a few of us from the top 2/3 at V10 or so, but the obvious full line is still waiting. The big flake is a very good V5 that cruises to the top of the huge boulder.

The El Paso Boulder. Steep on all sides!

Joe Johnson walking up the Moonstone, Sweet Water Rocks, Wyoming.
The hand crack and traverse are the longest boulder problem I've ever done.
Rio Rose, spotted by Karn Piana climbing over a snake pit at Sweet Water Rocks, Wyoming. In early April, when we were climbing at this section of rock a rattle snake den was waking from winter. Had to be really concience about where to sit, walk, and reach.
Liz Hajek on a really nice problem at the Hampi Boulders, Sweet Water Rocks, Wyoming.

Early wanderings through the waste land boulders of the Natural Corrals, Wyoming. This is a great place to boulder, but is way out there in the middle of nowhere. Has a very forgotten feeling.
Dave Nash under the Turtle Shell, Natural Corrals, Wyoming.

Dave Nash on FA of Dave's Wave V5, Natural Corrals, Wyoming.
Dave Nash's jeep got really stuck one fine spring morning on the road into the Natural Corrals. We spent the first half of the day getting out. Later, this jeep was sold to me, lifted, upgraded, and given better rubber. It is now the Boulder Recon Vehicle and laughs at this type of road.


  1. Nice!! I first thought the Moonstone traverse was a picture of a dam or something. Wow!

  2. Great post Davin! Our Spring Break is coming up, and we're about to start shopping for our own Boulder Recon Vehicle. I'm glad you had sun during your break.

  3. that el paso boulder looks siiiicckkk. is it too warm to climb at Sweet Water in the Summer????

  4. Hey man, I don't think you and I have ever met, my name is Danny Baker... i have been developing all over the lower and centeral half of wyoming. I was hoping you could help me get more info on the Routes done and graded at the el paso, and problems through the hampis'. I have been to the el paso boulder a few times projecting but not aware that some may have been completed. their is also a line under a great roof on the el paso that feels harder than anything i have experienced in that area. I would also dig climbing the moon boulder... hit me up on my cell. I could always use a pumped up partner willing to tear it up and an experienced guide. 307- 262- 9737 Danny