20 January 2010

Nathan Manley A Wyoming Legend

Yesterday, Laramie was graced by the presence of an old friend. Nathan Manley was here and it was great to see him! Originally from Cody, Wyoming, Nathan has been a huge contributor and influence in Wyoming Climbing. It has been some years since his last visit to Laramie and the wait for his return was a long one.
Back in the day, when we were both younger, we met at the University if Wyoming climbing wall. I noticed his strength first then his motivation. In Cody, through the high school years he had contributed many new boulder problems, routes, and some ice. Nathan's early bouldering was done on the sandstone of Cedar Mountain with the early Cody crew and in the Lander area with a few young guns there. His determination was evident when he explanied he often spent lunch in his freezing car eating a power bar and reading a climbing mag. All to get ready for a "physical test". Alpine climbing was his dream.
At the time we met in the college years, I did not know his contributions to Wyoming Bouldering and Wyoming climbing in general. He wanted to go bouldering and I needed someone to boulder with. At that time Vedauwoo was ripe for the picking and entire virgin areas were everywhere. For several years we drove up and developed rock all over the place. We climbed ice a few times together and quickly realized, had we met back in high school
the big mountains of the world would have probably killed us. Two excited and glory blinded alpinists that never found a partner to do the crazy with and we only lived a bit apart. Must have been ment to be. We were ment to go bouldering after the crazy years had passed us by. However, to this very day he still lives by the N.F.L. (Ninja for Life) creed. Actions speak louder than words, Dream big dreams, Live those dreams, Whatever blows your hair back, and Eye of the Tiger...
After a few beers last night Nathan gave us the good news. Nathan Manley will be back in Wyoming for a while. It is very exciting to have an old climbing partner back in the area. So many boulders to climb on and one of the best in the business is back in town. If you go bouldering in the Cody, Lander or laramie areas you can thank Nathan for many of  problems that you struggle on. You can thank him in person with a $5 bill. Money is time and time is money. The more cash he gets back in Wyoming the more time to climb he will have. Many more boulders to thank Mr. Manley for are coming soon.

Nathan Manley working on what would become The Manley Bulge V8, Vedauwoo, Wyoming.
Mathew Williams Photography

Nathan Manley (farthest back) and Myself waiting for our turns on Thorn Back V6/7, Vedauwoo, Wyoming. Nathan would often climb long after his fingers were bleeding and all is tape was used. Always to get full value out of the day. On this very good day, Nathan's fingers had started bleeding about two hours prior to the picture being taken. He walked the problem! Tony Gleason climbing.
Mathew Williams Photography

Nathan Manley on the first ascent of Myths and Heroes V6, Torrey Valley, Wyoming.

On Nathan's last visit to Laramie back in 2004 or 2005 we had a great day of bouldering, The School Yard, Wyoming.

Nathan Manley is a natural on the stone. Similar to Johnny Dawes in style and focus!
Nathan Manley in 2004, back on his home turf and looking really strong (as usual) on The Plague V10. at the Sphinx Boulders, Cody Wyoming. This problem consumed him as his motivations always do. A proud line and one of the best in Wyoming!


  1. Nice to hear Natey is back. Congrats on the doctorate thing. Hope to see you in Cody. Plenty of new stuff to see and do. Look me up.


  2. excellent site and great pictures.

  3. Dude, great articles keep them coming. Love the Wyo stuff.