29 November 2009


After much internal debate I have chosen the path of the Blog to share my thoughts, climbs, and adventures in the great state of Wyoming. The debate was settled after so many different people have asked about so many different bouldering areas in Wyoming. I could no longer spend the time going through each request and drawing maps, giving directions, describing problems, etc... The monumental task of updating information from my most local area of Vedauwoo is much more tolerable now. Years of notes can now be shared with all for free. I will post here as things are done and found. The even larger task of recording and sharing the rest of the state will be the goal of this blog as well. If myself and a few others share our knowledge we have the entire state covered.

To begin, I will slowly list new additions to the bouldering world of Wyoming from the past several years. Be patient as it will take some time. The result however will be sharing the wealth of stone spread across the vast space that is Wyoming.

Wyoming is a bouldering wonderland. A place of legend that is known by few and visited by even fewer. When I have described the place and the bouldering here I have often met doubt. It is hard to believe the amount of rock here. And seemingly even harder to believe the claims of hundreds, even thousands of ascents. It is my hope to share all of it with who ever looks here. Why? Why not. I'm not getting younger and neither are you. Climb what you can. Behold the wonder that is Wyoming.

So, a bit about my self might help. After all this is the introduction. I was born and raised in Wyoming. Spending my winters in Laramie, Wy. and my summers in Dubois, Wy. Opposite ends of the state and growing up outside led to a huge motivation. From early on I searched for rock everywhere. I started climbing when I was 14ish and am 29 now. I started bouldering early on as it was simple and seemed like the most obvious thing to do. Bouldering is my chosen method of climbing which strangely, always brings up the debate of the different styles of climbing. I have climbed in every style from Alpine, Traditional, Sport, Ice, and whatever else. I have put up routes in every style. Bouldering is simply the path I chose. It is my meditation, my motivation, and my bliss. Luckily Wyoming has millions of boulders.

My path of bouldering over many years has lead to thousands of boulder problems. I am not the only one to boulder so many problems here. Many people have contributed many, many problems in the state. I will share what I know and what they know if they don't already share the information. I will do what I can.

And so it begins...


  1. Great introduction. It is hard to believe the amount and the quality of developed, and undeveloped rock in Wyoming. Thanks for the guides, the tours, and creating this site. See you at the rocks.


  2. Thanks David! The time was right for some more info out in the world.

  3. finally, photo proof that Wyoming is more than fat cracks, red necks, and devil's tower. long overdue

  4. Badass! Everyone should be doing this with areas they know well! Who needs guidebooks ... share the knowledge!